The Haunt at Rocky Ledge at the NYC Zombie Crawl!

We are very proud to announce that our team of special effects professionals will be on hand to assist in this year's 9th annual NYC Zombie Crawl! Be apart of the fun and and get zombified with us on Sunday, May 31st! It will be a full night of scary fun!

Event details:
NYC Zombie Crawl
May 31st, 2015
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I especially enjoyed the infirmary, but my daughter couldn't handle it! The anticipation in both of those haunted houses was great!

- Ron Z., 2013

This is so worth it!! You must go!

- Sandra C., 2013

Love it! Wish they had this every weekend!

- Lauren M., 2013

Wow! What a night! Going back a second time! It was that good!

- Don M., 2013

Best. Haunt. Ever! Still getting my voice back from screaming!

- Lauren M., 2013

The walk in the woods is unmatched!

- Anthony R., 2013

The haunt is by FAR the best scare attraction in the area!

- Ram C., 2013

It was Awesome! I cried my eyes out!

- Renee R., 2013

Wow! Unreal - Fantastic!

- Lauren L., 2013

Lots of screaming!!!! Great night with friends!

- Kathie L., 2013

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