The Haunt at Rocky Ledge @ the NYC Zombie Crawl!

We had a blast at the NYC Zombie Crawl! Click here to view our photos from the NYC Zombie Crawl.

I especially enjoyed the infirmary, but my daughter couldn't handle it! The anticipation in both of those haunted houses was great!

- Ron Z., 2013

This is so worth it!! You must go!

- Sandra C., 2013

Love it! Wish they had this every weekend!

- Lauren M., 2013

Wow! What a night! Going back a second time! It was that good!

- Don M., 2013

Best. Haunt. Ever! Still getting my voice back from screaming!

- Lauren M., 2013

The walk in the woods is unmatched!

- Anthony R., 2013

The haunt is by FAR the best scare attraction in the area!

- Ram C., 2013

It was Awesome! I cried my eyes out!

- Renee R., 2013

Wow! Unreal - Fantastic!

- Lauren L., 2013

Lots of screaming!!!! Great night with friends!

- Kathie L., 2013

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